Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy & Style

  • Typically early-stage (“Seed” or Series-A) investor; although there remains flexibility on investment spectrum
  • Preference for investments where new capital is principally used to fund business growth.
  • Typical proprietary investment size of $ 250k to $ 1 million; with additional capital raised through the Grange network. Potential of follow-on investment for growth.
  • More permanent capital as there is no formal divestment timeframe (and Grange remains agnostic to capital markets fluctuations).
  • Return expectations flexibility commensurate with underlying investment risk.
  • Flexibility to invest in common equity and/or hybrid securities (convertible note, debt with warrants).
  • Active investor and partner with a preference for Board representation.

Impact Investing

Grange Partners actively seeks investments that will have a positive influence on our global community and we ensure the convergence of ethical business practices with profitable business results in all of our impact investments:

  • Adherence to the highest ethical standards in everyday business activities that go above and beyond the basic compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Focus on creating social impact that changes and improves the lives of individuals (e.g., through the provision of better, more accurate, more specialized or more affordable healthcare or education).